Undergraduate Students



Kate Moon
As an undergraduate student, I started in Dr. Hood’s lab as a volunteer laboratory assistant. I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my undergraduate and research experience by completing an Independent Study in my fifth year of study. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, arts and crafts, and spending time with friends and family.

Sara Keshavari
As an undergrad researcher, I am currently completing my BSc independent study on the role of transcription factors TFEB and TFE3 in mediating exercise induced adaptations and optimization of mitochondrial pool, with PhD candidate Ashley Oliveira under the supervision of Dr. Hood. I am excited to enhance my practical and theoretical knowledge within the research field. In my spare time, I like to workout, spend time with my family and friends, and play and coach volleyball.
Neushaw Moradi

I started at the Hood Lab as an undergraduate Independent Study student and am grateful to continue as an M.Sc. student. Currently, I am investigating the effects of two phytochemical drugs as potential complements for mitochondrial enhancement. Outside of the lab, I enjoy working out, overindulging in food, and petting dogs.

Atalia Liverant, (no photo available)

Mikhaela Slavin

I started in Dr. Hood’s lab in my undergrad, where I completed my independent study researching changes in protein degradation of skeletal muscle with denervation. I am looking forward to developing my skills as a researcher in physiology under the supervision of Dr. Hood. In my spare time I like to work out, practice yoga, read, and spend time with friends and family.

Luba Karmanova
No photo available

Natalie Chartrand, Noor Barazi


(Left to Right) Debra Vatenmaker, Erica Shligold, Claudia Tran, Eve Sohn, Danielle Rangel, Joshua Plener

Summer 2016