Past Lab Members

Name and Degree Received

Graduating Year

Research Topic

Matt Triolo, PhD

2021Mitochondrial and lysosomes in muscle disuse and aging

Nashwa Cheema, Post-Doctoral Fellow

2020Lysosome content and function in mtDNA disease cells

Geetika Phukan, Post-Doctoral Fellow

2020Lysosomes and contractile activity in muscle cells

Nemanja Dovijarski, MSc

2019Effect of retinoic acid isomers on mitochondrial biogenesis in muscle cells

Heather Carter, PhD

2018 Effect of age and chronic exercise on PGC-1 transcription and expression

Kaitlyn Beyfuss, MSc

2018p53 and mitochondrial turnover with training

Chris Chen, PhD

2018The role of Parkin in mitochondrial turnover in skeletal muscle

Dr. Yuki Tamura, Post-doctoral fellow

2018The effect TFEB and TFE3 knockdown

Ashley Oliveira, MSc

2017Effect of TIM23 knockdown in skeletal muscle

Dr. Yuho Kim, Post-doctoral fellow

2017Regulation of the autophagy system during chronic contractile activity in skeletal muscle

Avigail Erlich, MSc

2016The interaction between TFEB and PGC-1α in skeletal muscle

Zahra Moosavi, MSc

2016The mitochondrial and ER unfolded protein response during differentiation and contractile activity in myotubes

Dr. Michael Shuen, Post-doctoral fellow

2016Application of TFEB, PGC-1α and other various adenoviruses in muscle cells

Matthew Crilly, MSc

2015The role of Nrf2 in skeletal muscle during exercise training

Jonathan Memme, MSc

2015UPR during chronic muscle contractile activity

Diane Brownlee, MSc

2015The Role and Expression of TFEB in Contracting Skeletal Muscles

Dr. Marion Pauly, Post-doctoral Fellow

2015UPR during Muscle Differentiation

Anna Vainshtein, PhD

2015The Interplay Between PGC-1a and Autophagy During Metabolic Alterations in Skeletal Muscle

Liam Tryon, MSc

2014Effect of Denervation on the Regulation of TFAM Expression in Skeletal Muscle

Alexa Parousis, MSc

2014Mitophagy in Response to Chronic Contractile Activity

Sobia Iqbal, PhD

2014Mitochondrial Morphology and Dynamics within Skeletal Muscle in Response to Chronic Use and Disuse
alex green

Alex Green, MSc

2013AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Activation for the Treatment of Mitochondrial Disease

Ayesha Saleem, PhD

2013Mechanisms of p53-induced Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Skeletal Muscle

Steve Pastore, MSc

2012Circadian Rhythm Regulation of Mitochondrial Physiology in Skeletal Muscle
mike oleary

Michael O’Leary, PhD

2012Autophagic and Apoptotic Signaling Pathways in Young and Aged Skeletal Muscle

Olga Ostojic, MSc

2012Cardiolipin Expression during Chronic Muscle Use and Disuse

Yuan Zhang, PhD

2012The role of PGC-1α in Mitochondrial Protein Import in Skeletal Muscle

Keir J. Menzies, PhD

2012The Role of SirT1 in Exercise- and Resveratrol-induced Muscle Mitochondrial Biogenesis
heather msc

Heather N. Carter, MSc

2012Contractile Activity-Induced Mitochondrial Biogenesis and mTORC1

Donna D'Souza, MSc

2011mRNA Stability as a Function of Striated Muscle Oxidative Capacity

Luke Wawrzyczek, MSc

2011The Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore In Skeletal Muscle

Deepthi Sukumar, Post-doctoral Fellow

2010Cloning of Mitochondrial Proteins

Kaustabh (Bunty) Singh, MSc

2010The Effect of Denervation on the Mitochondrial Protein Import System in Skeletal Muscle

Melania Collu-Marchese, MSc

2010Mitochondrial Transcription Factor A (Tfam) Expression During Muscle Differentiation

Linda Nguyen, MSc

2010Contractile Activity and Early Gene Expression

Giulia Uguccioni, MSc

2009The Importance of PGC-1α in contractile Activity Induced Mitochondrial Adaptations

Ruanne Lai, MSc

2009Role of mRNA Stability in Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Muscle

Vladimir Ljubicic, PhD

2009Acute and chronic contractile activity-induced adaptations in muscle and mitochondrial function
anna maria

Anna-Maria Joseph, PhD

2008Assembly of Multi-subunit Complexes in Mitochondria

Lawrence Kazak, MSc

2008Evaluation of Apoptotic Susceptibility during Aging

Julianna H. Huang, MSc

2008Protein Import in Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria
ayesha msc

Ayseha Saleem, MSc

2008Role of p53 in Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Apoptosis

Isabella Irrcher, PhD

2007Regulation of the Transcriptional Coactivator PGC-1α
mike oleary

Michael F. N. O'Leary, MSc

2007The Effect of Chronic Contractile Activity on Mitochondrial Function and Apoptosis

Donald R. Walkinshaw, MSc

2006Non-Genomic Effects of Thyroid Hormone

Keir J. Menzies, MSc

2006Effect of Thyroid Hormone on Mitochondrial Properties in Disease

Peter J. Adhihetty, PhD

2006The Role of Mitochondrially-Mediated Apoptosis

Lisa H. Leung, MSc


Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Apoptosis in Human Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells

Vladimir Ljubicic, MSc

2004Mitochondrial Membrane Remodeling and Respiration

Michael Principe, MSc

2003Thyroid Hormone and Proteasome Expression

Treacey E. Sheehan, MSc

2003COX Subunit Adaptations in Tissues with T3 treatment

Marco Colavecchia, MSc

2002Functional Consequences of Thyroid Hormone

Anna-Maria Joseph, MSc

2002Protein Import in Cells with Mitochondrial Defects

Sabena Y. Lowe, MSc

2002Egr-1 Expression and Cell Signaling

Arne Rungi, MSc

2001Mitochondrial Protein Import in Genetically and Chemically-Derived Mitochondrial Defects

Isabella Irrcher, MSc

2001Regulation of Transcription Factor Expression during Contractile Activity

Ponni Ananda-Kumar, MSc

2000Effect of Thyroid Hormone on Cox Vb and Thyroid Hormone Receptor Expression

Michael K. Connor, PhD

2000Contractile Activity Induced Gene Expression on Striated Muscle

Joe Gordon, MSc

2000TFAM Expression in Skeletal Muscle

C. Patricia Escobar, MSc

1999Fiber Type-Specific Effect of Contractile Activity on HSP70

Elaine Craig, PhD

1999Protein Import into Cardiac Mitochondria

Janice Y. Grey, MSc

1998Role of Tom20 in Mitochondrial Protein Import

Jeremy Schneider, MSc

1998Effect of Thyroid Hormone on mtHSP70

Martino Di Carlo, MSc

1998Calcium Signaling and Gene Expression in Skeletal Muscle

Mark Takahashi, PhD


Protein Import into Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria

Mojgan Rezvani, MSc

1994Adaptations of the mdx mouse to Muscle Use and Disuse

Michael K. Connor, MSc

1994Stability of nuclear-and mitochondrially-encoded mRNAS

Atila A. Balaban, MSc

1993Mitochondria Structure, Function and Adaptation

Herbert A. Eisenberg, MSc

1993Blood Flow, Mitochondria and Performance during Denervation and Re-innervation

Rebecca J. Stevens, MSc

1993Cytochrome c Oxidase Expression during Muscle Development

Andrea M. Cogswell, MSc

1991Biochemical and Functional Characteristics of Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria

Mark Takahashi, MSc

1991Effects of Chronic Electrical Stimulation on Mitochondria

Karen Wicks, MSc

1990Mitochondrial Adaptations in Denervated Muscle