Current Lab Members

AvigailAvigail Erlich PhD Year 1
Nashwa Cheema
Post-Doctoral Fellow

I completed my PhD degree from University of Alberta and my research focused on cell death pathways in single muscle fibers. I joined Dr.Hoods lab to further increase my love for muscle biology. I am excited to start my post doctoral training under his supervision. In my spare time, I love to read, swim and do art.
Nemanja Dovijarski
MSc Year 2

I graduated from York with a Specialized Honours BSc in Kinesiology and Health Science. I was a volunteer in a stroke research study at Rumsey Cardiac Rehabilitation clinic headed by Dr. Susan Marzolini. I am eager to begin my MSc. with Dr. Hood, and I look forward to contributing to advance scientific knowledge. Outside the lab, I am an avid sports fan, both watching and playing many sports, with basketball being my favourite.
Jonathan Memme
PhD Year 2

I started in Dr. Hood’s lab as an undergraduate researcher and have since completed my BSc independent study and MSc thesis on the chronology and function of the unfolded protein response in chronic contractile activity-induced mitochondrial adaptations, with Dr. Hood. Most recently I began my PhD studies where I am focusing on p53 and its role in mitochondrial quality control. Outside of the lab I enjoy going to concerts, cycling, snowboarding, golfing as well as playing and coaching hockey.
Ashley Oliveira
PhD Year 2

I recently completed a Master's degree under the supervision of Dr. Hood looking at the effect of inducing proteotoxic stress in vivo. I look forward to continuing under his supervision during my doctoral training. In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, trying new foods and spending quality time with my cats.
Matthew Triolo
PhD Year 3

I graduated from York University with an Honors B.Sc. in Kinesiology and Health Science and Biology. My M.Sc. work investigated the early immediate response of proliferating myoblasts to one bout of electrical stimulation. I am excited to begin my PhD in Dr. Hood’s lab, and I am look forward to what is to come. Outside of the lab I enjoy playing and watching hockey, baseball and golf, as well as listening to country music.